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three different boxes are shown with one open and the other closed, all in black and red
Packaging design for luxury handbag brand
Luxury box packaging designed for Set Millot, handbag brand. Bag branding and packaging by GT Studio
a black envelope and business card on a gray background with the words, thank you
Black packaging design
Black packaging design ideas for high-end brands: black thank you card and black box design for a handbag brand Seth Milot
a red purse sitting on top of a black box
Handbag branding
Handbag branding and fashion branding for Seth Milot. Bag packaging and box packaging by GT Studio
a piece of paper with the words how to embrace eco - branding without greenwashing
Eco-Branding Mastery: Avoiding Greenwashing & Embracing Authentic Sustainability — Giada Tamborrino
How to embrace eco-branding without greenwashing. Find out this and more sustainable packaging, sustainable branding, eco-friendly packaging and more on the blog
two black and red bags sitting on top of each other
Bag packaging in Black
Minimal packaging ideas for high-end brands and luxury brands looking for packaging design bag. See more from this project by GT Studio, packaging designers on the website
two red purses sitting next to each other on top of black and gray boxes
Luxury branding design
Luxury branding and luxury packaging for Seth Milot. Packaging brand design by GT Studio, packaging designer for sustainable business
an open blue box with a pink mouse in it on a white surface next to flowers
Gua sha by Lilixir
Minimal box packaging for gua sha by Lilixir, a natural cosmetic brand. Packaging design inspiration by GT Studio
a blue box with a pink and gold mouse in it on a white tablecloth
Gua sha packaging and branding
Elegant box design for gua sha in blue with gold letterpress detail. Luxury package design by GT Studio
an open box with a black bottle in it next to a white and gold package
Eco friendly packaging materials / GT Studio packaging designs
Eco friendly packaging, cosmetic packaging ideas, skincare packaging design
a white table topped with a bottle of blue liquid and a piece of glass next to it
Product packaging design / GT STUDIO
Skincare product packaging in blue and gold for a luxurious packaging and branding
a blue bottle sitting on top of a white shelf
Cosmetics skincare
Modern branding & packaging for a natural skincare brand Lilixir Cosmetics. Branding identity and packaging by GT Studio
a bottle of perfume sitting on top of a box
Creative packaging for Miseico
Creative packaging concept for a skincare packaging ideas with an illustrated packaging. Creative packaging ideas / creative packaging inspiration by GT Studio
the logo for okko cosmetics is displayed on top of an open box with gold foil
Cosmetic packaging and branding identity
Elegant packaging ideas for cosmetic brands looking for eco friendly package design and eco friendly packaging materials
a person is holding an injectible device on their arm
Beauty products aesthetic
Miseico is a sustainable skincare and wellness brand, on a mission to redefine ageing and promote holistic wellness. Minimalist packaging for skincare brand identity by GT Studio
an open box with a bottle of liquid in it sitting on a table next to a card
Plastic-free packaging for skincare packaging Miseico
Eco friendly packaging design by GT Studio, specialising in ecofriendly packaging and sustainable packaging ideas for small businesses. See more work by this packaging designers on the website