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two yellow and green earrings sitting on top of a piece of wood next to some rocks
Lichen and moss inspired earrings, polymer clay. Eleanor Watson 2018
many different colored pieces of glass on a white surface, including one with an odd shape
The Patternbase Archive
an array of different colored balls arranged on a white surface with numbers in the middle
Ultra light clay coloring tutorial
Different brands of clay have different color concentrations. For reference only, add a small amount first
two colorful fish shaped earrings hanging from hooks
I brought our fun Fin style back for spring. 🐠 This Fin features pale blue matte acrylic top, jewel tone abstract middle and red zebra bottom with 18k gold ear wires. Shop in store and online at AudraStyle.com. ✨ (Our storefront is closed today but we should be back open tomorrow)
three orange and blue tiles sitting on top of a marble counter next to a pair of scissors
Vermicelli cane
three soap bars with different colors and designs on them, one is made out of marble
Lampworking sleight of hand – Polymer Clay Daily
Mica Translucent Pieces | Polymer Clay and Mica Powder | Clay Jewelry | Polymer Clay Tutorial
Mica Powder Translucent Clay Tutorial
two pieces of blue and orange paint sitting on top of a table
How to crackle without the waiting!
a bunch of different colored flowers on a white surface with blue and purple colors in the middle
Carol Simmons I've been working on two (maybe 3) new workshop ideas for 2015. These are for one I'm calling "Microcosms" There is more to come but I couldn't resist sharing these. The largest piece is about 3.5 cm (1.4 in) across. (They aren't as bright as this picture makes them appear. it was taken in bright sunlight.) PICTURE ONLY
there are many colorful flowers in the vase
Flowers for the "Into the Forest" instillation by Carol Simmons.
a multicolored wallet is sitting on a black surface with flowers and butterflies all over it
Serving dish
a rainbow colored piece of paper sitting on top of a white surface with the words cane tutor
Swirl Cane Polymer Clay Tutorials 82 ( Spanish/ English Subtitles )
many different types and sizes of scissors on display
there is a collage of different things made out of clay
Sneak peek at some new designs 😁❤️🖤💙 . . . #kaori #handmadeearrings #jewellery #accessories #shopsmall #madeit #statementearrings #earrings…
six pairs of colorful hair clips in different shapes and sizes, all with designs on them
Updates from BooandBooFactory on Etsy
Polymer Clay Statement earrings
several pairs of colorful earrings are laid out on a gray surface, with black handles
Christina Misic on Instagram: “My colorful rainbow stud hoops have been very popular recently. They're so fun to make because I love blending the colors together. I have…”
two pairs of colorful paper clips sitting on top of a white table next to a marble slab
Gracie Style Circus Print
Handcrafted Polymer Clay Earrings
a hand holding a colorful heart shaped pendant
Something bright for a dreary day!
lots of colorful earrings are laying on the floor next to some scissors and combs
Art and Accessories for the Colorful Soul
how to make an origami cell phone case with green and black paper - step by step instructions
a person is cutting fabric with a pair of scissors on a table in front of them
Hello, my name is Cathryn and I’m addicted to intricate textures 👋 Last scrap slab for this weekend’s drop! Stay tuned for more earring… | Instagram
two pairs of earrings with colorful designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a gray surface
a stack of purple and orange cloths sitting on top of a white countertop
petit cadeau de rentrée! - severinepolycrea
many different colored candles are arranged in the shape of flower petals and circles on top of each other
Wrapped and ready – Polymer Clay Daily
Cynthia Tinapple extruded canes
there are many different colored plates on the table and one is black with white dots
Donna Kato
a person is touching some type of stamp with their finger
How to Transfer an Image onto Polymer Clay | DIY Charms Video Tutorial
several colorful pieces of art on a table next to some cords and string attached to it
October 12 - group
The is my little collection of Columbus Day creativity
there are many different colored earrings in the metal tray on the table and one is hanging from it's earwires
skinner blend – Polymer Clay Daily
skinner blend – Polymer Clay Daily
three pieces of art made out of clay
the diagram shows how to make an origami leaf
All sizes | wingcanes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
how to make an easy flower necklace with broken china paper and gold jewelry making supplies
Faux Broken China [Polymer Clay Video Tutorial]
Faux Broken China polymer clay tutorial (decoupage on polymer clay, embossed pattern made with embossing powder and a heat gun)
two earrings with colorful designs on them
Lessons of the Monochromatic | The Weekly Polymer Arts Blog
there are many different types of decorative items on the table, including seashells
Polymer clay designs
Polymer clay designs | Day 3/100 A few component canes and a… | Flickr
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of cookies in the shape of squares, circles, and spirals
there is a pair of shoes sitting on top of a mat with flowers painted on it
Y después de hacer tantas murrinas por fin me han entrado ganas de hacer algo con ellas
three different pictures show the process of crocheting and how to use them in this project
a person holding a colorful object in their hand and it looks like an ornament
NewFlowerCane - process
some pink and blue heart shaped cookies on a white plate
the process of making an intricately designed piece of art with blue and pink flowers
a computer screen with an artistically designed cutting board and utensils on it