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a young man sitting in a chair holding a cell phone and looking at the camera
Tio Orochi (Orochinho)
orochinho People, Evan Peters, Pisco, Spank Me
a young man sitting in front of a mirror looking at the camera with his eyes closed
Tio Orochi (Orochinho)
orochinho e doazin Idol
a man is holding a cat in front of a christmas tree with ornaments on it
a man holding a banana in his right hand and wearing sunglasses on the other side
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a man in sunglasses pointing at the camera with a dog laying on his back behind him
a young man standing in front of a crowd holding his hands up to the side
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orochinho Lindo
a man with headphones is making the peace sign in front of an image of himself
a man sitting on top of a red chair next to a person in a santa suit
oriloki i papai noel 👆
a man wearing headphones sitting in front of a wall with stickers on it