Przemek Blechman

Przemek Blechman

Przemek Blechman
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Stain removal - what-are-thooosseeee: “ weallheartonedirection: “ How to get out stains using other things ” TO SAVE A LIFE ”

Photoshop Tutorial: Glamor retouching

No offense, I'm sure this is a great tutorial. What is REAL in pictures anymore? "Photoshop Tutorial: Apply a Great Photoshop Colorful Effect for a Lady (entire site dedicated to photoshop tutorials)"

Dodging and burning retouch

Highlighting and contouring in Photoshop: Fill a blank layer with grey and place it on the soft light blend mode. Then paint with either a low opacity white paintbrush to highlight or a low opacity black paintbrush to darken.

Double Color Exposure - Photo Effects Actions

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