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World of Warcraft - Yrel by MonoriRogue on deviantART

World of Warcraft - Yrel by MonoriRogue Welp, I’m in love. But then as gorgeous as Yrel is she already had me at “major draenei character with tons of story that’s gon’ happen.

Golden dark elf

Wowza, now that is an awesome cosplay. Draenei, World of Warcraft cosplay. This is a totally WIN! You know that lady had one hell of a time walking around with those leg/shoes all day

This would be PERFECT for a draenei cosplay!

Bride of Thrymr horned headdress for sale. The name comes from a Norse myth – Thor and Loki use a bit of cross dressing trickery to win back Thor’s.

Draenei Female Paladin by on @deviantART

Chapter Here is an example of an avatar for World of Warcraft. Someone had to design what she looked like to actually play her. She would be considered part of their online identity and a fantasy aspect of the creator's self.

Anaka, Draenei Paladin

Laurel D. Austin does some great work. Employed for years at Splash Damage, the team behind Brink, she's recently joined Blizzard, where she's working as a concept artist. Living the dream.