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Paweł Surkont

Paweł Surkont
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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania ink illustration

Such incredible hatching! Teapot by Rami Efal. "The thing is, the best sketches are fine illustrations in their own right.

detailed drawing using cross-hatching technique. I would to use this technique at the start of this project using different drawing tools.

This drawing effectively uses hatching, crosshatching and contour lines to portray a village street.

Blue Nude, c.1902 Pablo Picasso

Blue Nude, 1902 by Pablo Picasso Blue Nude is one of Pablo Picasso's early masterpieces. It was created in 1902 at a time when Pablo Picasso was still mourning over a friend's tragic death. It is one of Picasso's artworks during his blue period