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Ha, this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like. This makes me laugh. I kinda wanna force my cats to lay on a glass table.

Goliath Beetle - Photo by Michelle at Montreal Bunny Flickr

I took this photo at the Montreal Insectarium, and the whole reason for liking this beetle was the parts near the eyes that look like mega thick eye-lashes. Not many people would find a beetle pretty, but I think this one just looks so flirtatious!


Rosemary bettle, THESE colourful bugs may look exotic, but they’re wreaking havoc in UK gardens.

Brahmaea certhia caterpillar

Brahmin Moth Caterpillar (Sino-Korean Owl Moth) - Brahmaea certhia - Found in the Korean Peninsula, southeast Russia and China, this species of moth is of the family Brahmaeidae - Image : © Igor Siwanowicz

سبحان الله

This troll-haired insect was found in the Suriname rainforest and is only 5 millimeters long. Its 'hair' are actually waxy secretions that could be a defense mechanism to distract predators.


The beetle family Phengodidae is known also as glowworm beetles, whose larvae are known as glowworms.’ (via Project Noah) who did her hair like this

Giant cicada, unbearably loud. Up to 120 dB! On a very hot day you don't get to hear much else. - Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Giant Cicadas: Cicadas are benign to humans under normal circumstances and do not bite or sting in a true sense, but may mistake a person’s arm or other part of their body for a tree or plant limb and attempt to feed