My wife had been asking for deck chairs for awhile, so when I saw this in Fine Woodworking Magazin, I knew I had found the chair I wanted to build.

Drawing an Inlay Pattern in SketchUp - FineWoodworking

When I drew the SketchUp model for Kevin Rodel’s Arts and Crafts-Inspired Bed for the printed and digital plans, I found most of the bed was pretty straightforward.

Toth received the veneer for this box in while he was a student at North Bennet Street School-a Boston furniture maker left it to the school when he.

Why Pick a Pull or a Push?

It’s an interesting thing so many have converted to pulls when pushes work so well and can be sharpened a thousand times when you own skill. Thankfully a Sheffield saw maker remains to still…

Strong and Handsome: Half-Blind Mitered Dovetails

Strong and Handsome: Half-Blind Mitered Dovetails