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Paweł Jóźwik

Paweł Jóźwik
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Clever Conceptual Photo Manipulations That Tell a Story | Psdtuts+

This photo manipulation is different, I'm not sure how the drops were formed to create fish and birds, but I think it's a cool idea. The wavy lines of the ink inside also looks like waves, giving an ocean effect.

“Let lovers be crazy, disgraceful, and wild—those who fret about such things aren’t in love.” —Rumi (Art by Dorina Costras) ..*

Signs of a twin flame union based on 20 years of experience of twin flames, Mel and Nicole of the Gold Ray Twin Flames

Brett Walker

When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept