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A #ŻUK tshirt designed for friend's birthday. #KiełbasaWiejska


Birthday t-shirt gift for a frient. #cadillacsanddinosaurs FTW! see more at

Here's the quick, looped, animated tribute to one great piece of Polish cinema. It translates to: Cutting Down The Forest Conversations – I suppose ;)

November walk in the countryside near Krakow. #kiebasawiejska #posądza #koniusza

An extraterrestrial party! #kiełbasawiejska

One of calm places under the sun. #Winiary #KiełbasaWiejska

Loosly translated: I'm on the plot ;) #jestemnadziałce #kiełbasawiejska

Back in 2011 I've made this simple freeze frame animation using the LEGO Creator bricks I recieved from friends, as a birthday present. Lateley I found my LEGO vechicle and decided to make another video, blend it with the previous one and put it online. Because, why not ;)

A Mighty Boosh inspired, home painted Future Sailors Helmet!