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Paweł Majewski
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Do that exercise again! and again! and again!

Do you ever get angry if your teacher, sometimes by mistake, hands you in a copy with exercises you have already done? This video explains why you really sho.

Do you take this man...? Yes, I take? - VOMIT!

In this video we take a brief look at the so called 'short answers' in English.

lend vs borrow - how to remember the difference?

In this video I give you a simple trick to always use whenever you have to use either 'lend' or 'borrow'.

How should I learn English? VERY SIMPLE HINT!

How should I learn English? VERY SIMPLE HINT! Practical (and fucking simple) advice on how to learn/revise knowledge at home!

if you will do it? Bitch please...

if I got a penny for every time English language students used that expression correctly, I would still be fucking broke!

its depends of? it's depends with?

if I got a penny for every time I heard the right form of that expression - I would still be FUCKING broke!

Remember vs Remind - common mistake 4.

Please remember me tomorrow at Are you sure you didn't mean 'remind me'?

I think it is NOT good for you - SHIT! Common mistake 3.

Giving advice might be a bit tricky. You might end up giving wise advice but using shitty grammar and therefore sounding like an uneducated fool. Avoid that .