Afternoon walk

The weather today was just too good not to go outside. So we took a short walk in the nearby forest. A thin layer of snow covered most of the trees.

Fibi by Paweł Kadysz on tookapic

She likes to sit in front of the window and stare. Just stare for couple of minutes. Sometimes she barks at a duck or a beaver. But most of the time, she just stares.

Spider's web by Łukasz Dec on tookapic

I was on my way to shoot a bird feeder, when suddenly I walked into a spider's web and found it much more interesting.

Good morning! by Łukasz Dec on tookapic

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Ax by Łukasz Dec on tookapic

askew, ax, axe, firewood, wood wallpaper and background

Dew by Łukasz Dec on tookapic

It was absolutely amazing that we had such beautiful weather at the beginning of November.

Motorcycle helmet by Łukasz Dec on tookapic

Motorcycle season is unfortunately over and it's time to say goodbye to my helmet. This one originally was a fighter pilot helmet from communism.