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Here are some awesome wall-mounted computer that think outside the box.
The Activator. Orgone base ties the unit together as one solid piece. Consists of a Tensor Ring base for amplification, Heddeka for added beneficial frequencies. Iron Pyrite to facilitate the flow of Earth's Magnetics (when used as a portal activator), Half Sacred Cubit Tensor Field Generator for amplification and transmission, New Earth Coil for toridial field expansion and translation/communication. 3.5" x 4" in height. Sphere of Influence for this device is up to 5 miles wide.
Tensor Field Generator... It is a Protector, Provider, Amplifier. 3.5" Woven Sphere. $49.00, via Etsy.
Formed from 1/2 Lost Cubit Tensor Rings, this tool creates the "Seed" to activate energy codings within your very being. The Seed of Life comes out of the Flower of Life, the Sacred Geometric pattern found in both ancient and modern cultures around the world.
Telslas BiFilar Coil appears in many of his patents. When you look at the patent it just seems like a clever way to double the turns in the coil without making more turns manually. This could all just be a ruse by Tesla to hide its true power as some
Smile and the world will smile back at you!
MT Keshe Generator and Products. Low Prices in American Dollars. We accept all major Credit Cards, Simple, Convenient, Pain Pen, Pain Pad, Home Energy, Magrav Unit, Adapter, Car Unit, GaNS Pills, Drops and Lotion, Alkalinizer, Books, CO2 Kit, Copper
Watch this oddly satisfying video of woodwork projects being finished through the art of joinery.
10We can add or remove furniture easily but changing your home’s paint may be a little tricky. Choosing the right color and design can be a struggle and the cost of having your walls repainted professionally can be pretty high. If you are thinking of having a change on your walls, then here are some DIY wall …
This is the key to solving those weird symbols in the theme song (see other post of dipper)