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The ultra dark filled in eyebrows add extra intensity to dark, sexy eyes

You can't beat a good smokey eye teamed up with glitter. I tend to do glitter to add that extra pop, and it always get's people asking about it. I love smokey eye makeup!

Zibu symbol for friendship. | Tattoos! And Piercings!

Zibu symbol for "embrace life". Acceptance of optimal health Breathe life into your body and envision it as the healthy temple it is intended to be. See yourself as a thriving being.

Strength Chinese symbol with a heart this maybe added to my tattoo

One I've been setting my eyes on for my next tattoo. Strength intertwined with love would fit with my lifestyle and means a lot to me. I already have the Strength part. just need to fix it up and add the love part

Sun Symbol

This is a gold temporary tattoo of a lovely sun design. This tattoo is perfect for wearing to the beach! Sheet Size: x Lasts days even with swimming and bathing! Easy to put on and easy to remove!