Pterosaur Monster/Stephen King - Mist Creature III by on @DeviantArt

Pterosaur Monster/Stephen King - Mist Creature III by KingOvRats

Lovecraft - Nyarlathotep's Hunting Horror by on @DeviantArt

Lovecraft - Nyarlathotep's Hunting Horror by KingOvRats

Lovecraft - Shantak Bird by on @DeviantArt

Lovecraft - Shantak Bird by KingOvRats

Conan - Crawler by on @DeviantArt

Conan - Crawler by KingOvRats on DeviantArt

Thanatoid (Dream) by on @DeviantArt

A strange mix of dream and conscious concept. One of the portal breeds I have been trying to design recently as well as potential Underworld minion.

Dream Sea Dragon by on @DeviantArt

In a dream I had a few days ago I saw a tame dragon like this slaughtering a bunch of pirates. there were many more strange beings but I only remembered.

Dream Daemonic Sphinx by on @DeviantArt

(Yeah, here is where the idea of my sphinxes' wings dragging behind them came from). A beautiful and enigmatic entit.

Tetradecapod Troll by on @DeviantArt

A mutant Troll with 14 legs Reupload, I've altered the limb configuration Tetradecapod Troll

Solomon Kane - Akaana by on @DeviantArt

"The thing was like a man, inhumanly tall and inhumanly thin;

Masterton - Devil Elmek by on @DeviantArt

Diabolical creature from book "Devils of D-Day" Based on the description of it's skeleton as well as it's living body.

Charybdis the Sea Monster by on @DeviantArt

A close friend of Scylla, she was even more menacing, as she could swallow large amounts of sea water destroying any ship that was unfortunate enough to. Charybdis the Sea Monster

Poe - South Pole Creature by on @DeviantArt

Strange animal found by Arthur Gordon Pym during journey to the South Pole. The expedition finds carcass of this creature floating in the water and the .

Spiked Monster by on @DeviantArt

It hass poiosnoed spikes all over itself. and it has short limbs reminescent of second ribc.

Dream Hydra by on @DeviantArt

Heads and necks were especially interesting in this one.

Pazuzu by on @DeviantArt

Pazuzu by on @DeviantArt