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Paulina Tabor

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Paulina Tabor
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Robert Nesta Marley

"The stone that the builder refused, shall be the head cornerstone." - Ride Natty Ride Marley Fact: Bob wrote this song in 1969 after going to meet his father’s family for the first time. His father owned a construction company & rejected him.


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This skateboard design is definitely made for the female skaters. I would never imagine a male skater getting a board with a pink heart and saying he loves his skateboard. However, I think as a girl's board it works well. The design is very simple and is centered on the board, the only way these kind of designs work. I like the simple white background to keep the whole thing very simplistic.

This board was made for female skateboarders but it seems a little dull that might just be my guy side talking i dont know but i feel like it could use


Skateboards ❤️ Although i will only ride a skateboard( for over 20 years now), it still makes me happy to see how many people are getting into riding boards with wheels longboards, bananaboards, oldschoolfishboards.