This is what I live with every day! But I love it.

For the dog owning imgurians

Hilarious Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand, So True Except for the Bath time because my dog loves bath

Me when I see dogs

I said hi to a dog in a parked car- the window rolled down and his human didn't even expect me to ask what her name was- just the dogs.

cheeseeee  That's got to be a labrador......the clowns of the dog world...they laugh at themselves

cheeseeee That's got to be a labrador.the clowns of the dog world.they laugh at themselves

swimming fluff

The cutest puppy ever trying to swim! Hope this video brighten up your day…

Makes me want to be more attentive to my dogs..

This is so true."They might be only part of your life, for them, you are their everything, the only person in their whole life." Made my heart melt, so true.

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