Paulina Rosiak

Paulina Rosiak

Paulina Rosiak
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Zebraliśmy dla Was te bestsellery letniego sezonu 2015. Niech posłużą Wam jako garść inspiracji dla Waszego ślubnego bukietu.

55 bukietowych hitów na lato 2015 - SlubNaGlowie.

This would be fun to make.

In the Real Three Little Pigs, the wolf acte the first two piggies. Be th ebig bad wolf! For older kids talk about Socialism and how the first two piggies thought "Big Brother" would save them.

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red jello and whipped cream - for the kids on Christmas! Thats pretty neat to do it sideways I would have never thought of that. For Chanukah, use blueberries and blue jello.