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DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub Ingredients cup coconut oil (melted) 1 cup white sugar 1 TBSP shredded coconut drops of Lime Essential Oil DIY Beauty Tips, DIY Beauty Products

DIY All in One Beauty Balm - Additionally, to make this product you only need two simple ingredients: coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

Place 1 cup coconut oil in a small mixing bowl and refrigerate for mins until firm. With an electric mixer beat coconut oil until whipped consistency, and then add 2 tbsp sweet almond oil and mix until well combined.

Suit House of Dior (French) ca. spring/summer 1954 wool, silk

Suit House of Dior (French, founded Designer: Christian Dior (French, Granville Montecatini) Date: spring/summer 1954 Culture: French Medium: (a,b) wool, silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 30 in. cm) Length at CF (b): 19 in.

Perhaps the perfect little black dress. Dress, Evening James Galanos (American, born Date: 1966 Culture: American Medium: wool, silk for if I was flat-chested, had beautifully shaped legs and lovely arms