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Paulina Dmochowska

Paulina Dmochowska
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Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots skeleton clique stay street stay alive |-/

Get in touch with Tyler Joseph PL ( — 119 answers, 1746 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Tyler Joseph PL by getting answers on ASKfm.

We all have øur masks that we wear.

tru story // one time i wore all black & people stared @ me in disgust @ school.but i didnt care bc i wore it for a reason,for tøp.<<< seriously, i just died when i read that XD ily.

Tyler singing his heart out ❤️ I love him!

Hes all wrapped up in his skeleton jacket, in his struggles and flesh, but he still smiles and acknowledges the hope that he has inside. Once you get past the struggles, you see life.