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Jeden umarł za władze,jeden umarł za miłość,jeden przywitał się z śmiercią jak ze starym przyjacielem

Turns out The Deathly Hallows did exist. It existed in Voldemort, Snape & Harry. Voldemort died for power. Snape died for love. Harry was the one who was willing to die. He greeted death like an old friend.

Daughters of Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier. #harrypotter  Las hermanas Black representaban las diferentes maneras de amar:  El amor hasta la locura. El amor sin límites. El amor distante, frágil.  Bella, tan rebelde como ella sola. Meda, profunda, sensible, valiente. Cissy, una flor que marchita sin abrir.

Interesting that the last picture is from Sweeney Todd, in which Bellatrix's actress plays a character as well. <----- actually all those pics were from Sweeney Todd: Ms Lovett, Sweeney's wife, Johanna