Chunky finger knit blanket

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a bed with two blankets on top of it and pillows next to the headboard
HandKnit, Soft, Cozy, Blanket | Unique Pattern Featuring Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Vanilla Stripes | Chunky Knit
the blanket is made up of two different shades of blue and gray, while the rest of the blanket has been crocheted
Chenille Chunky Hand Knit Throw
a basket that has some kind of blanket in it
Chunky Knit Blanket
a white and gray blanket sitting on top of a chair next to a potted plant
Chunky Knit Blanket, knit blanket, fuzzy hand knit chenille throw blanket Lapghan/Throw ( available in a variety of colors)
the chunk knit blanket is shown with instructions to make it
How to Make a Chunky Knitted Blanket: Knitting Blankets with Arms or Needles