I still have to wade through the gray reality.Open dance,mind, body and sex person how love to live in this way but do not pretend.
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Kylie Minogue empowers women because she is an incredible performer. She shows confidence and worked so hard to get where she is now

Kylie Minogue rehearses for the opening night of her US Tour at the Fox Oakland Theatre, San Francisco.

Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once Tour #KMOT #KMO

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Reilly has carved a unique position in the world of illustration and graphic art.

Kylie Kiss Me Once Tour

Kylie Kiss Me Once Tour

Best Butt Workout: Kama Fitness. She says beginners should only do half the reps & advanced should do two rounds.

Best Butt Workout by Kama Fitness, fast simple butt exercise routine work out butts easy moves circuit. I domt have a butt just hips. Im going to try this to see of it build up the butt i know I can have!


Mama Orca and baby. Orcas, known as "killer whales" aren't whales at all. They are the largest dolphins. And most powerfully aggressive, at the top of their food chain.

[ James Franco ]

James Franco Covers ‘Bullett’ Spring 2013 James Franco is bright and colorful for Bullett magazine's Spring 2013 issue. Here's what the actor had to share with the mag: On being considered…