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Patryk Gromysz

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Patryk Gromysz
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Les architectes norvégiens du studio Lund Hagem ont conçu ce petit coin de paradis niché à flanc de falaise, à l'abri du vent et des regards mais avec une

Knapphullet, designed by Lund Hagem, is a small annex replacing two small sheds on the property. The new building has a distinctive roof free spanning. The roof folds down to the ground creating a ra

Victorian London (for a short story)

"Matte Painting for the background of Annie Leibovitz Photo "Peter Pan", that was part of a campain for Disney Parks. Wallpaper and background photos of London Rooftops for fans of Classic Disney images.

The Office. Michael Scott: I have plenty of female friends. My mom, Pam's mom, my aunt, although she just blocked me on IM.