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Teen Wolf - Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski - Sterek

This is a boyxboy story. Sterek is real. I don't own Teen Wolf. Because if i did, Sterek is real would be a universal truth.

Sterek!! Asdfghjkl!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeking like a little girl!!!!! <3

Just found out the OTP Sterek from teen wolf fandom xd I'm still under shock but it's funny somehow ^^ ;

ah! too cute sterek

Wolf Derek & Stiles I love them I know I'm not good drawing animals. That's more like coyote than wolf. (c)MTV Teen Wolf The Big Softy Wolf

I love how Harry's arms are flailing and he's like stop Draco and Draco is like I worked up all the courage to do this and I'm not gonna stop until I'm ready

Immagine di drarry, harry potter, and draco malfoy