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the words are written in different languages
the words are written in white on a black background
Nie należy upadać poniżej klęsk i wznosić się ponad sukcesy /-/Sara Bernard
a black and white photo with the words'jak kocha to wroc? '
-Jak kocha to wróci? -Nie. Jak kocha, to nie zostawi.
a red fire hydrant sitting in the middle of a black night with roses growing out of it
I don't know how but somehow I'm following your rule? Without me even wanting to the fuck
a skeleton sitting on top of a branch with roses in the foreground and a black background
The Skelton hand represents reality and cruelty while the roses represent your once stunning innocence and purity. But as you get older and more aware of your surroundings your roses fall to the ground to be wilted and and forgotten by last memories.
the word thrash on fire with flames coming out of it's center and bottom
a blue background with pink letters that spell out the words netflix and netflix on it
the words cute but psychic but cute written in black ink on a light pink background
the word baby girl written in black ink on a pink background
an airplane is flying in the sky at night with words written below it that read, don't touch my phone