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Patrycja Garlicka
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Tivoli, Villa D'este, Rome, Italy

15 Most Beautiful photos of Italy : Cities and Places to Visit in Italy - Tivoli, Villa D’este, Rome, Italy … This looks like the mansion in the movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo!


In Positano you will see beaches, piazzas and harbors, each boasting a unique display of breathtaking views - trip from Naples to Amalfi coast---Yep, done that drive and it was AMAZING~ SB


"To some blind souls all cats are very much alike. To a cat lover, every cat from the beginning of time has been utterly and amazingly unique." -- This is the heart of cat lovers everywhere.


Cats in the window - feline shadows & light. & white Trois P'tits Chats (Three Little Cats), photography by Michel Feugeas


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