Chalkboard paint eggs

Chalkboard paint eggs ♥ love this idea.but wonder about the egg if you leave it inside. I guess doing it to two eggs isn't a big waste - dogs!

Schwarz-Weiß-Eier, gekochte Eier bemalt mit einem wasserfesten Stift

Ostertische in vier Stilen: Zweigkönige


These Pantone Easter eggs are perfect for a graphic designer's Easter egg hunt. The eggs, which were made by Jessica Jones of How About Orange, are partially dyed, precisely matched to a Pantone color in Jones' Pantone chip book and then completed



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An unconventional lunch #designtime 05 This looks amaizing. Im glad I tried this. Anyone can do this. raw food photography . Any DSLR can do this! Amazing. I have to learn how to do this. Click and learn.

Egg yolk contains high amounts of vitamins like A D and E that promote hair growth and hair fall.