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Jan Matejko (June 24, 1838, Free City of Krakow; - November 1, 1893, Krakow) was a Polish painter known for paintings of notable historical Polish political and military events. His most famous works include oil on canvas paintings like Battle of Grunwald, paintings of numerous other battles and court scenes, and a gallery of Polish kings. Loved and venerated in Poland, he is counted among the most famous Polish painters.
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Battle of Grunwald (detail) - Jan Matejko

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Polish Poet Jan Kochanowski over the dead body of his daughter Urszulka - Jan Matejko 1862.

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Portrait of Alfred Potocki - Jan Matejko 1879

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Babinska Republic (Rzechpospolita Babinska) - Jan Matejko

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Jan Matejko "Portrat of Zdzisław and Bolesława Wlodkow as children" 1862

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Portrait of three children - Jan Matejko

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Portrait of Stanisław Tarnowski - Jan Matejko 1890

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Jadwiga of Poland, by Jan Matejko (She became the King - not Queen - of Poland at the age of 13)

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Sigismund III Vasa - Jan Matejko

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Judgement on Matejko - Jan Matejko

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