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a hand holding a ceramic container with tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in it
a hand holding a blue plate with a teddy bear on it
𝔫𝔦𝔠𝔬𝔩𝔢 ♡✧*̣̩˚̣̣⁺̣‧. (@kell0h1tty) on X
a hand holding a coffee mug with an image of a fish on the bottom and words that read, tuna in olive oil
a blue and white ceramic soap dish hanging on a wall
Niche Soap Dish
Niche Soap Dish
an egg tray with six eggs sitting on top of it next to two smaller ones
Ceramic Egg Tray Storage Compartment - White
a soap dish with a scrubber and rag on it sitting on a stool next to a bottle
a small tin can with a cat face on it and a cinnamon stick sticking out of the top
la unica
an orange and green lamp on a white background
Xanthe Somers Wants Us to Question Everything About Our Relationship With Domestic Objects - Sight Unseen
a plate that has some lemons on it and a lobster painted on the side
artist collaboration
a lamp with a white shade on top of it and a cord attached to the base
Bennet Schlesinger Releases Perfectly Imperfect Light Fixtures + Vessels
an orange and white lamp sitting on top of a table
Xanthe Somers
two lemons on a plate with a wine glass
Ellen Thorell: Photo