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I think we're all a little envious of this puppy on this cold Monday morning...snooze button please

I think we're all a little envious of this puppy on this cold Monday morning.snooze button that baby.

Puppies make EVERYTHING better!

puppy golden retriever, actually the cutest thing ever

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Look at those eyes. How could you say no? When I told my sister I was going to "look" at some golden retriever puppies. She said, "you don't LOOK at Golden Retriever take home Golden Retriever puppies. She was right huh Vista, my love.

Ahhhhh it's like looking into my soul!!

Ohhh those sweet puppy dog eyes!

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I will love you forever! :)

Doggie Truth: I will love you forever. They give unconditional love. Even humans that are abusive to them get unconditional love. God bless our critters.

adorable puppy

most adorable thing ever, german-shorthaired-pointer-puppy


A yellow Labrador retriever puppy from breeder Gretchen Boss of Breckin Labradors tries to get through a chain link fence in West Springfield, Mass.

5 Dog Breeds That are easy to Train

I really enjoy raising our beautiful WHITE labrador Retrievers at our ranch in TEXAS! is our website and is our Facebook page. We lovingly raise our gorgeous pups and are happy to answer any questions that you may have! Puppies

White- lab- puppy- so cute!