Three Angels With Tobias - Jacek Malczewski A három Arkangyal testvérünk Szent Mihály arkangyal, Szent Rafael Arkangyal és Szent Gábor Arkangyal

Trzej aniołowie z Tobiaszem (Three Angels With Tobias), by Jacek Malczewski

Jacek Malczewski - Self-portrait with a Palette - Jacek Malczewski is one of the most revered painters of Poland. He is regarded as father of Polish Symbolism. In his creative output, Malczewski combined the predominant style of his times, with the historical motifs of Polish martyrdom, the Romantic ideals of independence, the Christian and Greek traditions, folk mythology, as well as his love of natural environment.

Self-portrait with a palette Jacek Malczewski Born: 15 July Radom, Poland Died: 08 October Kraków, Poland Nationality: Polish Art Movement: Symbolism, Art Nouveau Field: painting

Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929) - 1910 Christ Before Pilate

File:Lwowska Galeria Sztuki - Jacek Malczewski - Christ in front of Pilate.