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awesome What to wear in Copenhagen - Pack For Where?

What to wear in Copenhagen, Denmark. Includes carry-on packing list. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry-on. Fall packing list for Copenhagen. Badash must belong in Copenhagen

Chanel Rings

Have you ever mesmerized by Chanel rings? I wonder, how beautiful and fine they are. I just love them. Chanel started creating their costume jewelry in the


earrings decorated with cloisonné from the Susa acropolis around 400 BC gold , lapis lazuli , turquoise: Achaemenid Persian period - Louvre musuem Paris

Bright Angel Trail Switchback - Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona | Tom Brownold. Wilderness Campsites.

It was amazing and challenging. Rim To Rim Bright Angel Trail Switchback, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona