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Gakutei Sadaoka (Yashima Gakutei) (Japanese, ca. New Year's garland and crescent moon, late shikishiban surimono (color woodblock print with metallic pigments and embossing), The Mary Andrews Ladd Collection, Portland Art Museum

Akalla metro station on the blue line of the tunnelbana in Stockholm, Sweden.

I Explored The Depths Of Stockholm To Capture Some Of The Coolest Metro Stations…

Beyond the Sea

Bobby Darin (Kevin Spacey): "Kissing Troy Donahue is not acting." // Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth): "Well, then, you should try it." -- from Beyond the Sea directed by Kevin Spacey

Johanna Jaeger, Horizontal Questions, Circular Replies

Johanna Jaeger, Horizontal Questions, Circular Replies

good morning | labas rytas

Open Air - Karolis Janulis: People on mass yoga exercise in the central park of Vilnius. (Open People) Shortlist revealed for 2016 Sony World Photography Awards