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Book Binding Tutorial
slip knot binding for heavy, single pages - looks great for an album or board…
Gasp. It's so sophisticated and slick and fly and pretty. All at once.
plants are used to clean Indoor air pollution. Create fresh air. See kamal Meattle in ted too. this is very interesting and useful.
Turn Beer Bottles into Attractive, Cheap Drinking Glasses - I've wanted to try this for ages!
diy simple vertical kitchen herb garden, container gardening, gardening, home decor, kitchen design
Hanging Terracota Pots
Creative DIY Indoor GardensModern Home Interior Design #bhgfirst #bhgfl1st #bhgre.
This planter fits into any home and is still effortlessly stylish. You can't go wrong with this one.
Ben Uyeda recently created a great video for that shows how to make a stylish modern herb garden from several recycled wine bottles for under $30.