Katarzyna Grzeszczak

Katarzyna Grzeszczak

Katarzyna Grzeszczak
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Kiev-based designer Konstantin Kofta, who founded the label Kofta, has drawn inspiration from a fundamental component of Euclidean Geometry, the Platonic Solid, in his new design of bags and backpacks.

TACTILU - a bracelet for remote tactile communication ( work in progress ) on Vimeo

Tactilu is a research project embracing remote haptic/tactile communication. The device takes a form of a bracelet capable of transmitting the touch between two


Japanese product designer Naoki Kawamoto has utilized the inspiring style of origami folding to develop the 'Orishiki Suitcase', a traveling suitcase equipped with wheels that folds out flat for ease in storing and adaptability.