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Christopher David White‘s surreal sculptures may look they're made out of wood, they're actually crafted with clay.

Sculptor Christopher David White is known for his ceramic creations that double as fantastic optical illusions. It's hard to believe the hyper realistic pieces are made of clay,

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Octopus platter - sculpted- could be used to hold extra change

stone ware - Hippolyte by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Hyppolyte is a very important fairy'po. He sits discreetly outside in the palace garden to light the way of the young hippo couples who sneak away from the hippo ball to walk together by the river.


A lovely little couple I made as a demo at a potters fair. They were intended to go to the Hippolotofus reunion with me but got snapped up by potter colleagues even before they were dry More hippos.

stone ware -  Hipporella and the Hippoprince by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

They danced the night away at the Hippoprince's ball. Tumbletoes sprinkled magic laughing powder on them. and of course they lived happily ever after Hand modelled in white clay, then fired and g.