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The Clavicula Nox, one of the main symbols of the Draconian magic order Dragon Rouge, is a magickal symbol. It roughly translates to "Key of the Night", and is used in the process of transforming the unconscious into lucid conscious.

Without the crescent shape, the circle with the single line through it is the symbol of the Eladrin Shiradi

The 'monas hieroglyphica' was a creation of Dee's that sought to find the harmony between alchemical elements.  This image breaks down each piece, but most obviously, the symbols for mercury, salt, and sulpher, the three primaries, are merged together to form the backbone of the 'monas hieroglyphica'. (9. [p. 336])

John Dee’s research often combined mathematics, alchemy, astrology, and Hermetic philosophy. London, great tattoo idea except i would add a blackstar for you know who ✴