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Palle Steen Christensen, scenograf / Forbrydelse og straf / Crime and Punishment

Palle Steen Christensen, set designer / Crime and Punishment (Royal Theatre Copenhagen

A series of scenes by Korean artist Lee Sol, who makes work under the name Venus Mansion. Lee Sol on … Continue reading →

"First Blood"

lunar mama // pacha mama // mother earth // illustration // goddess // roots // thank you earth. I cannot explain how much I LOVE this.

The roots of this tree represents Nhamo in the way that just because he is getting the opporutnity to go and live with Babamukuru and live a high class life he will not stop being who he is. In pg 66 He says"So I shall go and live with Babamukuru at the mission. I shall no longer be Jeremiah's son" this shows that he is ashamed of his family and that the first opportunity he gets of a better life he will take it and forget his family

"All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted. ' --Saint Teresa of Avila