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Volvo Debuts Lounge Console Concept at Shanghai Motor Show: Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, Volvo is debuting its Lounge Console, obviously catered to those who prefer to be chauffeured than to drive.


The Wolf of Wall Street is a retred of Goodfellas themes but with prettier,blonder people. It's a picture without a worldview from America's Master film maker.

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hershumbly: “ The first legit sticker in a shoe sole. I must admit I hate to see price tags and other stickers left in beautiful shoes worn by beautiful Ladies. - hershumbly: The first legit sticker in a shoe.

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Airline regulations have been relaxed a bit and now stewardesses can take their male slaves with them on a flight.

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A nice Sardax, though i find it a little tame for them… that must mean im missing something taboo in this drawing. Perhaps i should look closer :) Hrm, thighs of appropriate size… heels of a.