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Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Ola

The iridescent beauty of the Milky Way is reflected in Jenney Lake in a spectacular photo ...

Photo Cascadia’s Waterfall Favorites

Rogue River Gorge - we have beautiful waterfalls in Oregon! I love this area.. near Crater Lake

Passage to Paradise - The Milky Way over Mount Hood at Lost Lake, Oregon. (Gary Randall is a photographer who lives in my neck of the woods and takes pictures of places that I know and love dearly)

I follow paths lit by the stars. I follow roads you can only see in the night. They lead me to places in my dreams. They lead me home to where my heart lies. It is on these roads that I hear my song. Of who I am and where I belong. Paths lit by starlight, I walk. On the wings of dreams I ride.

34 Autumn Photos To Inspire You To Grab Your Camera

Autumn is a sensational time of year, with it's vibrant red and orange colors. We've found 34 Autumn Photos To Inspire You To Grab Your Camera. It's also a brilliant time for Photographers to come out and take some beautiful autumn photos, whether you're a professional Photographer or amateur Photographer, you'll always get a great photo done in Autumn, with it's is rich with colors.

Night sky in winter by Tore Heggelund with Pin-It-Button on 500px

Milky Way over a Winter trees, Japan | by Masaki Jaki Photography on 500px

~~Winding road | Milky Way astrophotography, forest somewhere in Estonia | by Hendrik Mändla~~