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Cool idea for set, actors can move in and out of set, and disappear easily. Elektra at the Teatro Real de Madrid (shared with Teatro San Carlo, Naples). Production by Klaus-Michael Grüber. Sets costumes by Anselm Kiefer.

I believe this is photoshopped and not a real species

dalmation discus - a discus would never have this pattern! omg this is definitley photoshopped. discus can have cool patterns but more similar to a zebra if you want to compare it to another animal. they have a striped pattern or no pattern at all.

Deutschstunde - Thalia Theater                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I thought this stage had really cool dimensions, however I think it would be hard to work on if the piece was not centered around the fact that the floor was at an angle. I reminded me of the PO set a little bit