Ray Morimura

Tokyo-born artist Ray Morimura 's beautiful wood block prints. Via My Modern Metropolis

Charles Sheeler

Charles Sheeler (American [Precisionism, American Modernism] Classic Landscape, 1921 or 1931 (?

Leonard Henry Rosoman (1913-2012) - Lever House Mural

Lever House Mural (triptych, right wing), acrylic on board, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum. One of three panels commissioned from the artist by Lever Brothers for Lever House. This (right) side shows the fires of industry burning bright.

Big Moth, Andy Harkness

andy harkness art - This is one of two large watercolor/mixed media paintings that will be at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday. These are the original paintings that helped the book get picked at Disney. This one will be available for purchase!