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a lamp that is sitting on top of a glass bowl with plants in it,
Wabi-Kusa Oasis by James Findley
ADA Branch Light. Looks sleek!
a plant in a glass bowl on top of a table next to a sign that says,
Wabi-kusa are balls of substrate that are covered with plants that are grown in their terrestrial form, very similar to plants that are grown hydroponically in nurseries. These substrate balls are placed directly into a small glass container with some water in and then allowed to grow naturally. This is a very different approach to aquascaping techniques, where the layout of the aquarium is planned with exquisite care and the plants are carefully maintained. Wabi-kusa allow nature to flow freel
two pictures side by side, one with flowers and the other with grass in it
String Gardens
Haven't thought of using bulbs for kokedama
hanging planters filled with orange flowers and green plants in front of a gray wall
there is a small bowl with some plants in it
Kusamono & New Pots
Kusamono & New Pots
a potted plant sitting on top of a table
Schruz's Works - Wabi Kusa, Emersed setups, Planted tanks
Schruz's Works - Wabi Kusa, Emersed setups, Planted tanks
hanging planters filled with various types of plants
O Kokedama é a arte ancestral do Wabi Kusa, tratando simplesmente da criação de pequenos arranjos usando bolas (dama) de musgo (koke) como substrato e base do arranjo. As bolas são constituídas de base de arranjos de floristas modeladas em formas de bolas e cobertas com musgo.