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a yellow and green bird sitting on top of a banana next to a toothbrush
りんぽん (@rinponconure) / Twitter
A duck on a swing. Just in case anyone needed one today.
Give him the ice or things won’t go nice
a group of small birds sitting next to each other
Log in to Twitter / Twitter
a bird with its mouth open standing next to a baby bird in a bucket filled with wood shavings
Parrot Love - Animals
a small bird sitting on top of a finger next to a pink flower
So ugly it’s cute - Funny
a blue and white bird sitting on top of some green leaves in a bowl next to a wooden table
How Peru the Parakeet eats his spinach
dog door for sale
a small yellow bird sitting on top of a blue and white blanket with the caption, 6 nuggy a namba
a white bird eating food out of a bowl
Muhabbet Kuşu Yavruları Beslenmiş mi Kontrolünü Etmek - Control of budgerigar feeding