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the text reads, in physics the other day my teacher started having this coaching fit so he says i think sorry sorry and he stopped cough
Well that's awkward - Funny
the instructions for how to use bubble pop
HOW TO CHEER UP IN 2 EASY STEPS 1. WHISPER “BEEP BOOP" TO YOURSELF. 2. REPEAT UNTIL NOT SAD. ((BUT WHY DOES THIS WORK????7?)) 1. plug your nose 2. say sneep snop try saying ‘boopedeedoop' in a really deep. manly voice Try and say bubbles in the angriest voice you can the last one will work I promise you - iFunny
two texts are shown on an iphone screen
the screen shot shows an image of someone's twitter account, which appears to have been
an advertisement for disney's princess and the frog
Dishonor your family!! Dishonor your cow!! - Funny
an image of cats and other animals in the screen shot on their own cell phone
Another fun fact: There are only nine types of cat.
four different types of mugs with the words lawful, neutral and good
the text reads, straight dating so we met at school through a group of friends gay dating
Vodka, Lgbtq Pride, Lgbt Quotes, Lgbt Pride, Lgbtqia, Lgbtqa
a rainbow flag with the words which is gay? being gay like monster high when you were younger
a cartoon character with a thought bubble saying women femalees girls > 3 / 3
made another one for the lesbians :))
some colorful tickets with the words hell admit one and hell admit one written on them