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Open Books
Warsaw / Literature geeks who are looking to change the world of e-book retailing. And for now we'll just entertain you with all things literary. Stay tuned!
Open Books
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How many of your favourite books are on the most popular ever list? Also - what do you make of it?

The Most Popular Books of All Time Infographic. This is a visualisation of data on the most popular books every written. It includes number of editions, number of translations and units sold.

What Kind of Reader Are You?

What kind of reader are you? I'm the speed reader, its true.>The 'Music Lover', though I have no idea who Selene Williams is :/

When was the last time you bought your kid a book?

Reading: It's good for their health. The facts illustrated on WHY READING AT A YOUNG AGE MATTERS graphic, paints only a small picture of what books can do for your little one

And I have no regrets...

Funny pictures about It was completely worth it. Oh, and cool pics about It was completely worth it. Also, It was completely worth it.