Sylwia Ciesielska

Sylwia Ciesielska

Sylwia Ciesielska
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lupines - purple

would love to do a watercolor of this, or strong acrylic for the bedroom

Indirect Lighting: any lighting that doesn’t show the light source but lets the light reflects. Description from I searched for this on

This lighting features in the Sipopo Congress Center by Tabanlioglu Architects. It's an interesting way to seamlessly incorporate lighting into a feature wall, enhancing its purpose a focal point.

'Quadilic' by Ilan Garibi for KAZA Concrete's collection, 'Concurrent Constellations'

Searching for the best interior design firms in India? Casa Paradox has excellent online consultation on how you can design your home.

"Keramik på facaden!? - Jeg elsker det skidt" Oliefyr Eliasson - Klink

These contemporary curved wall tiles by Lithos are an unconventional and unexpected way to finish your rooms. The new Favo Curve stone tiles are not your typical tile, both in terms of material and aesthetic. The modern design of smaller concaved hexag