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Directioner, Sheerenator, Brat, Larry Shipper, Malec Shipper Książki które kocham ♥: Dary Anioła; Diabelskie Maszyny; Kroniki Bane'a; Gwiazd Naszych Wina
Pikachuu Pokemon
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'Mortal Instruments' Set. Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood

Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood on the set of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" movie. If Alec is this hott I can't even how hott Jace is going to be.

The Mortal Instruments -Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood

No, but my boyfriend used to be believed to be my brother, then was under trial, then got posessed and then bounded to like, his worst enemy. Do you date a bi-sexual party addict 800 years old warlock who never ages? Yeah I didnt think so.

Never understood the OTP trend until Malec came into my life

“The words of his homeland rested a little too heavily on his tongue, as if he had to mean them, had to be serious, when he spoke.