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Inez Janiak
Skin Deep Tales
LINES HOLD THE MEMORIES - Fine Art Prints by Agnes Cecile available at Eyes On Walls -
Fever by Agnes Cecile
guy denning - a drawing a day: March 2011
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Fox tattoo
Sea Turtle by Inez Janiak
The Smallest Drugs Here is the updated version of the "smallest drugs" collection that I did the other day. Here are the criteria I used: the molecular weight cutoff was set, arbitrarily, at aspirin's 180. I excluded the inhaled anaesthetics, only allowing things that are oils or solids in their form of use. As a small-molecule organic chemist, I only allowed organic compounds - lithium and so on are for another category
28110957-structural-chemical-formulas-of-basic-neurotransmitters-epinephrine-norepinephrine-dopamine-glycine-.jpg (824×1300)